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5 interesting investments you can make this year

This year is still very good for investors. Despite the low-interest rates , the recent rate hike in the United States has encouraged the markets, which are generally offering good returns. That’s why today we want to talk to you about interesting investments you can make this year.

According to the experts, the keys to a good investment strategy for the remainder of the year are three: first, seek security and not risk too much; second, diversify money; and third, to have the sights in the long term to avoid the vagaries of the market.

The current offer of investment products is very broad but we are left with the following options.

Interesting investments: our recommendations

1º. Equities

There is an unwritten rule followed by many investors according to which the percentage of money that you should invest in equities is obtained by subtracting it from your age. So, if you are 30 years old: 110 – 30 = 80. That should be your investment percentage in equities.

Equities are showing good results in 2018 on all global stock markets. Although there is currently a lot of volatility in the short term, if the economic situation accompanies, it can offer good investment results.

2º. Foreign exchange.

Investing in currencies is always risky, but the benefits can be high if you are willing to take certain risks. The uncertainty surrounding the possible exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU) and the conflicts in the Middle East are the two most relevant factors to take into account if you want to invest in foreign currency. Among all of them, the dollar is the safe haven and is usually high against the main world currencies.

3º. Real estate.

Investors with enough savings can invest in the real estate sector . The price of the house rises without considerations in practically all the cities of Spain , reason why to acquire a property with the objective to allocate it to the rent can be an interesting option of investment. This investment is more profitable in large cities and coastal areas.

4th Cryptocurrencies.

After the boom of Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency of all, many investors deposited their savings in digital currencies . The key to making a good investment lies in studying which company or project is behind each cryptocurrency. There are many valid options for all tastes, such as litecoin, dashcoin, holo, cardano or tron , but with all you have to assume a great risk given its totally speculative nature.

5th Gold.

Gold has always been a good refuge value for money . Last year its profitability was close to 12% and the value of the ounce exceeded 1,300 euros. The upward trend has slowed down in 2018 and its value has fallen a bit in recent months, so if you are willing to take certain risks, gold offers a good chance of profitability in the final stretch of the year.

Other interesting investment options are P2P loans (for example, mortgage loans). And if you do not want to take risks, the fixed income market is one of the safest, but also unprofitable.