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How to choose the best payroll account in the market

With the profitability of deposits in the ground, most financial institutions are concentrating their efforts to attract clients for their payroll account. To achieve this, they offer collection gifts, discounts on receipts, zero commissions or cheaper loans. Anything goes in the open commercial war between entities to win customers.

Clearly, this situation benefits the clients themselves, who have a huge range of payroll accounts to choose from. Such a broad offer allows the user to find the payroll account that best suits their needs and which generates the greatest benefits. But how can we choose the best payroll account in the market without fear of making a mistake? We give you some ideas.

What you have to keep in mind to choose the best payroll account

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1º. Visit the websites of the different banks, but do not just look at their offer of payroll accounts. Take a look at what that bank is like in general, what other financial products it has, what its mortgages are like, what its clients say … The objective is that you form a global idea about each entity so that you can discard those that do not suit your needs. lifestyle or your future pretensions.

2º. Study the degree of digitization of the bank. In the future, all banks will be digital, so it is important that the entity with which you hire the payroll account has a good foundation in the online world. Make sure you also have a good mobile app because almost all the procedures you will end up doing from the phone.

3º. Review the commissions. You can save a lot of money over a year if you do not pay bank fees . As attractive as a payroll account may seem, if it hides maintenance fees, commissions on transfers, and income or commissions on credit cards, it is no longer as attractive. Online banks do not usually charge commissions.

4th Check the ATM network . One of the things you will do most often is to go to the ATM to get money. That is why it is important that you make sure that the chosen bank has a wide network of ATMs from which you can withdraw cash without commissions. If you also have agreements with other entities so you can withdraw money at your ATMs for free, an extra point.

5th Make sure you have good customer service . In these times, it is fundamental that the entity has a multi-channel customer service system: via telephone, by email, through the app, through social networks … The more contact forms it offers, the better for you.

In short, it is not only about finding the payroll account that offers the best numbers, but also the one that best suits your case and the one that provides the most guarantees for the future . An ideal payroll account would be that of a bank with a hundred percent focus on the online world, with no commissions of any kind, with a wide network of own ATMs and with a complete customer service.