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Loans with money when we are looking to get out of debt

That loans with asnef are a necessity in the market is a reality.

If that were not the case, it is certain that there would not be such a large number of companies offering these loans.

Despite this there is one thing that in we believe necessary to say.

Despite having dozens of financial and companies offering these credits with asnef in practice the offer is not much.

Asnef Loans Why is the offer reduced?

It is at least when we are referring to personal loans with money, on the other hand, what most people look for.

When a person is looking for financing with asnef it is usual that he / she does not want / can provide guarantees.

Consequently, however much there are companies offering these credits with endorsement at the end of nothing, it serves the applicants.

That is just what we see every day in the processing of these operations.

When processing these operations, most companies demand guarantees from their customers in the form of vehicles, ships or real estate …

The usual thing is to demand the signing of a mortgage loan on a property free of charges.

Loans with asnef

This is how practically all the companies that we see daily offer these loans with asnef .

Something that on the other hand we have to accept and understand given the functioning of the financial sector.

This may be something that not many expect but the situation is like that.

If what you are looking for is to sign loans without endorsement and you are in one of these delinquency lists you will find these problems.

And it is safe what I am telling you because most companies do not accept to sign with asnef without endorsement.

The few companies that do do so often put a lot of limitations on signing their loans.

As they know that there is no direct competition, what they do is put quite high requirements.

Some require very high income from customers, some do not sign these operations throughout Spain ….

Something that we understand since processing these operations at the end does not generate so much interest among the financiers.

Without forgetting that offering the possibility of signing personal loans even with asnef are hurting by not signing with endorsement.

For any financial institution, it will always be much more interesting to sign a loan with an endorsement than one without an endorsement.

It is something that we have been able to check many times.

In the application in financial fact loans with collateral are always prioritized over the rest.

It does not matter when the client has made the request, the secured loans pass in front of the personal loans.

Especially those with no guarantee as to being the least interesting operations for any financier.

Why signing an unsecured loan with asnef is not interesting?

It is not first because it is an operation that at a documentary level makes a lot of time is lost.

To this we must add that the profitability for the financial is not very high either, neither for the interests nor for the commissions applied.