Save on vacation without dying in attempt

New technologies, financial education, consumption habits … everything has changed in family budgets after the economic crisis. Good habits to save on holidays could not escape the new winds of the millennium.

Now that most of the Spaniards have gone on a trip or are about to do so, it is a good idea to go over and write down in our agenda “tips to save on vacations 2018” the habits that we did not meet in 2017 and those that would not be bad to add to our “Financial Precaution Protocol on Vacation”.


Enjoying a vacation is not incompatible with our well-deserved rest:

  • Adjusted to our budget.
  • Control of the expense at all times.
  • The safety precautions always recommended by entities, such as card payments, are observed.
  • Have a plan B for financial contingencies, such as travel insurance.

Summer vacations are usually an important chapter in family budgets of the year. Your financial preparation can be the key to a memorable vacation that does not contain unpleasant surprises.

Save upsets and unwanted expenses on vacations

It is therefore advisable to foresee all the contingencies that we can avoid on three different fronts:

Habits of consumption: We know it from other times, many times the frenzy of holidays alters our consumption habits. The demure and forward-thinking consumer we carry within is supplanted by that compulsive consumer profile with a desire to enjoy as much as possible that takes control of our pocket. Maintaining the responsible consumer behavior that we have promoted from Domestica tu Economía during the holidays will allow us not to encounter financial problems after the holidays:

  • Write down the expenses that are made in the day.
  • Keep all receipts of the purchases we make. Very important if we travel abroad.
  • Share budgets in group travel thanks to new technologies, such as collaborative consumer apps .
  • Limit meals away from home.

In addition, it is advisable before preparing the trip to read the opinions of the users and the comments about the companies, the city, the hotels and the restaurants that we have chosen for our vacations.

Control of expenses. Review the money we spent last vacation, identify the superfluous purchases we made last summer. These are some of the good habits that will allow us to reach the end of the 2018 holidays without a break in the current account. The best way to hold a runaway budget is to not use the credit card, pay as much as possible with cash or with the debit card. The payment in cash is recommended mainly in our purchases in local markets and souvenir stalls. In any case, monitoring the balance of our account regularly is a highly recommended task that is no longer an uncomfortable effort. It is not necessary to waste beach time and fun. With the new fintech applications you can control the status of our account and the outstanding balance of our credit card with a simple consultation on our mobile without getting up from the deckchair.

Insurance for incidentals. As far as possible, observe protection measures and cover possible incidents can be the key to a holiday with a happy ending. Studying what we have insured in our holidays can solve many problems and, above all, anguish. In this case, the credit card can be an ally of our vacations. In addition, we will have to study if it is worthwhile to hire the insurance that we usually offer when making purchases of tickets (lost luggage) and valuables (broken cameras, tablets). There are also covers for fraudulent use that has been made on the cards during the previous 24 hours. In addition, it is important to follow strict security rules in our electronic payments:

  • Do not use the free and open networks of shopping centers, cybercafés and airports to carry out transactions and purchases over the internet.
  • Have at all times the card cancellation phone to deactivate immediately in case of theft or loss.
  • It is also advisable to immediately consult the telephone number of the local police and the ambulatory and the medical assistance center associated with our health insurance, that of our children and that of the elderly, if they accompany us on the trip.

Nor is it easy to leave jewelry, watches and valuables in the hotel safe. It is also recommended to avoid thefts of our luggage leaving the car empty of personal items and suitcases when arriving at our holiday place. We should not convert our vehicle in an improvised storage room to store what does not fit in the apartment.

In short, if we observe these recommendations, we will not ensure a happy vacation, that depends on us. But we will avoid situations that prevent us from enjoying these rest days to the fullest. Vacations are also a test of aptitude for the responsible consumer.